Different Socks Types


Socks often play a major role in protecting your feet from friction resulting from walking in your shoes. Like any other clothing piece, socks come in various sizes and styles. These styles depend on the height and for what reason you wear your socks.

Main types of socks

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These are meant to give extra support and comfort to people walking in boots for long hours. Hiking socks have some extra padding on your hells as well as your foot balls. Your feet volume determines the thickness of hiking socks that you will need.

Walking socks

These are socks made of a tough material and helps to cushions your feet. Their design involves some superior moisture-wicking ability that helps to reduce the moisture content of your shoes hence preventing blisters that could form in the wear.

Mountaineering socks

For outdoor socks, these are the thickest types. They have a padding as well as an extra bulk along your heels and the foot balls. Mountaineering socks are made to be worn with boots used for mountaineering. They are suitable for extreme weather conditions and very rugged terrain.

Toe socks

Toe socks are ideal for open toed shoes. These socks usually have fun designs and will easily enclose all your toes individually like finger gloves would do. They are the primary type of socks in the market and popular amongst most people.

Running socks

Running socks are the types that are normally ankle-length or even lower. They come in different runningsocksadsfghjkhgjfhdgscxdfghthicknesses and are ideal for an amateur runner but can be used even by professional athletes. Most athletes prefer them very thin to allow them to fit easily into their feet. Others, however, feel comfortable with thicker socks. Socks with some little cushioning will help prevent friction when running on rough surfaces.

There are many types of socks and whichever you choose depends on your preferred thickness and height. The height of socks is determined by the distance it rises above your ankle. These heights can be a tab, low, quarter, crew of knee high. In case you need socks, but you are unsure what of going for, it is advisable to guy lower cut socks types. This is because lower cut socks are usually ideal for most occasions making it the best option.